Do you ever had a garment in your closet that you never wear but you didn’t want giving away? Here, I had a pair of wool pants that I didn’t wear because they itched too much. Every year at the change of season, the usual dilemma. What do I do? The wool is of beautiful quality. The other day I finally decided, I cut them and sew a pair of pants for polpetta .. obviously lined!! With a nice poplin cotton veeeery soft! 😊.

For the pattern I used the Sacha pajama pants as a base, but I opted for the belt of the Jim model, wider, both by Ikatee, which I had on hand having sewn these two models recently and which you can find described here and here (ok, I am addicted to Ikatee 😊)

Here is the result!

🍎 See you soon! 🍎

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