About me

My story


Here I am, I introduce myself. Perfect wife for 5 years, imperfect mum for 3, passionate about sewing for 2. It all began when my better half, thinking maybe doing so, to calm down the mood of pregnancy, offered me a sewing machine. For months I watched her from a distance, frightened, trying to figure out how to pass the thread through that labyrinth of numbers and arrows, until reaching the needle … then, the love at first sight and since then I’ve spent my nights dreaming of patterns and fabrics, and for about a year now, even the yarns!

Abstract by nature, while I do one, I already think five. In these pages I would therefore like to try to put some order in all my projects and ideas and to collect and catalog the tips, tricks, useful addresses that I discover day by day during my self-taught journey. And who knows, maybe some information will help you too!

For any questions or advice, or just to have a chat, feel free to write me on contact@applesandthreads.com.

See you soon