I was looking for a blouse with a straight cut and adjusted to the body, which I could wear comfortably under a pullover. And long enough to fit into the pants.

Passion by Atelier Scammit responds well to these requirements. Made with French seams, I find this model very elegant and refined, with its Victorian collar and froufrou sleeves.

Johanna proposes alternatively the smocks for the finishing of the collar and of the sleeves , which can be short or long.

In terms of modifications, I did not sew the pockets on the front to avoid the thickness under the pullover and, for the sleeves, instead of making the flounces I used an embroidered border that I had available.

On the back, the blouse closes with a teardrop cut and a button.

If you follow the tutorial, the designer explains how to make the buttonhole with an embroidery thread. It’s the first time I’ve tried it and I find the result quite nice.

For the fabric, unfortunately, I don’t remember where I bought it, but it is absolutely soft! With its golden details, I love it!

I recommend this model. I think I would gladly do it again. Besides, I find that it goes very well with my Betty slipover, which I will tell you about shortly.

🍎 See you soon! 🍎

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