Let’s just say it’s not exactly the ideal time of the year to wear a wool sweater with 30 degrees outside, but you know how it is, knitting is my new addiction, and I can hardly go a day without knitting (does it happen to you too?) and I’m so pleased with the result that I wanted to show it to you as soon as it was  blocked 😊

.: The pattern

This is the Whitmoor Sweater, by Ami Lowden available for purchase on Ravelry. You can find this pattern in English or French.

The sweater is worked from top to bottom, in round, without seams.

The stitch used is jersey, with circular needles number 3.0 mm (for ribbing) and 4 mm.

The pattern includes both graphic diagrams and written instructions for the laced part; it is very intuitive and easy to follow. The shapes makes me think of Alocasia leaves.

Two sleeve options are possible, a more adjusted one, which is the one I chose, and a bishop version.

.: The wool

To knit it I used two yarns, Lanivendole’s chic blend, composed of 60% Brogna wool, 20% alpaca and 20% mohair (50g – 225m approx.) color Berry, and Knitting for Olive’s soft silk mohair, 30% silk and 70% mohair (25g – 225m approx.), color Off-White.

I had already used the same yarn combination for the Copenhagen cardigan and was very pleased with the result. 

The soft silk mohair from Knitting for Olive is really good value for money.

It took me less than 4 balls of chic blend and 4 balls of soft silk mohair to realize the pattern.

.: The size

The pattern offers so many sizes, from 3XS, which I didn’t even know existed 😉 to 4XL.

As a size I opted for a size S, with a recommended ease of about 12.5 cm.

.: The modifications

I did not make any changes to the proposed pattern. For a second version, I would make twisted ribs since I like the definition better than simple ones.

.: The difficulties

I did not encounter any particular difficulties. I followed the description step by step, using the written instructions since I am not practical with grids. Just beware that the paper pattern redirects to different sections based on the size chosen and it is easy to get lost between pages. Small tip: always highlight all the parts related to your size before you start! 😉

.: The cost

To make the sweater in size S, I used 4 balls of Chic blend on sale for 11.90 EUR each and 4 balls of Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair Off-White for 7.45 EUR each (excluding shipping).

Total: 77.40 EUR (pattern price not included).

.: Would I knit it again?

Yes it is a pattern I would gladly remake, maybe with a solid yarn, without speckles, on hazelnut colors. It is also available in Cardigan version 🙂 definitely worth trying!!!

I hope you were interested in my article and if you have any questions or curiosity, please write to me 😊

🍎 See you soon ! 🍎

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