My, how time flies! I realized that I hadn’t written anything for a few months… it will be summer, you will say, the desire to enjoy the good weather and go out as much as possible… but this year, Luxembourg has been living up to its reputation… bad weather is quite natural ⛈️!       

But let’s be positive! The cold allowed me to discover a new passion! Do you guess? 🙂

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you about it shortly!

First I want to tell you about a couple of models that I sewed recently and that I LOVE! The first is the Mindy dress by Fibremood in a super burgundy flowery poplin, by Charlie Coud.  

The model features a gorgeous square neckline. The realization of the straight cut gave me a little trouble.

You have to raise the presser foot and snip into to the seam allowance of the sleeve + neck trim until just before the needle.

Turn the garment, lower the presser foot down again and now stitch the slanted edge together, with the notches matching.

The cut is essential to ensure a good square and I am always afraid to cut too much!!!!!

At the level of sleeves I opted for the balloon version with elastic.

In case the puffy sleeves were not of your taste, you can opt for a butterfly sleeve.

The dress closes with an invisible side zipper of 20 cm. I chose a zipper that I had bought from Atelier Brunette that I had available 60 cm long and that I cut to adapt the length. As for the size I cut everything to my usual size but if I had to do it again I would add a couple of centimeters in length to be able to wear it at the office.

What do you think?

🍎 See you soon! 🍎

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