The name of this pattern gives me a great desire to travel, I would love to be able to leave freely like a year ago! For the moment I imagine being in Andalusia with this wrap skirt, although perhaps for the temperature of the south of Spain I should already opt for a lighter fabric instead of this superb Gucci wool that I have bought on the SuperCut site!

I must say that this model from Bélène Paris is fantastic, the cut well structured.

The skirt is fully lined.

For the lining to use, the explanatory booklet gives different suggestions depending on the chosen fabric. For my skirt, the wool is not very stiff, so I opted for a cotton poplin.

I found the two 4cm D-rings for closing the belt on the Atelier de la Création website, but if you have trouble finding them you can reduce the height of the belt accordingly (everything is well explained in the booklet!).

Technically, you should pay a little attention to the seam of the belt due to the thickness.

I also lengthened the length of the skirt by 5 cm like this:

Little extra top: the tutorial from Atelier des Prèmières!

What do you think ?

🍎 See you soon! 🍎

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