Alice by Clematisse Patterns, is a refined and very feminine model, like all of her patterns 😉. I love it!

The dress can be declined in different ways. V-neck front or back; short or long sleeves.

I opted for short sleeves and a V-neck on the back.

I really like the effect of the puffed sleeves, which is actually very simple to make. In addition, if you want to accentuate it, you can add an elastic to the sleeve.

In a few hours the dress is ready! And 1m50 of fabric is enough to make it in size 36F (38IT). For long sleeves you have to add 20 cm more.

For the fabric I chose a cream and black spotted cotton jacquard purchased on Supercut website. I find it formidable and of excellent quality. The fabric is double face as you can see from the sleeves.

🍎 See you soon! 🍎

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