It might be the situation of almost constant confinement at home, but lately I’ve been looking for super comfy fabrics and models to wear. I recently bought a blue and gray double-face jersey fabric from my little coupon, 95% cotton and 5% elastane, with a nice weight (500 / ml) but I was hesitating about what to do with it. After surfing the internet, I finally opted for the Sophie trousers by Cha’Coud (the alternative was the plateau joggers by Closet Core patterns). In fact, I was looking for something sporty but also quite classic.

Honestly, I’m super happy with the result, the trousers are super comfortable. I opted for my classic size 36F and I removed 5 cm from the sides to make them more adjusted to the body.

On a technical level, I had to be a little more careful in sewing the back elastic waistband of the trousers to ensure that the extra of the fabric was distributed well (for my size I cut a 30.5 cm elastic).

The zipper cuff is fake so the model is quite quick to sew.

For the knotted belt, instead of using the same fabric, I used a 4 cm wide blue satin ribbon and did not sew the loops.

Now I am thinking about what to sew with the rest of the fabric. What do you recommend?

🍎 See you soon! 🍎

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